About UI


1. Clean your «Interface/AddOns folder»;

2. Unpack QulightUI and Qulight_ConfigUI into your WoW/Interface/AddOns folder;


Slash commands:

/rl — Reload UI;

/ticket, /gm — GM frame;

/hb — Binding buttons on mouseover;

/wf — Quest tracker mover;

/frame — Command to grab frame information when mouseing a frame.


/config — In-game config;

/ui — In-game command for change all UI positions;

/ui reset — Set default UI positions



Qulight UI — It is the main core addon and it includes — dNamePlates, Stuffing, FreebTip, m_Buff, omniCC, ClassTimer, rActionBarStyler, Datatextinfo, qMinimap, qChat, ncHoverBind, oUF, oUF_Qulight, Filger, aLoad, MarkBar, Mapster, qChatBar, raidUtility, tullaRange, m_Loot, ncCooldownFlash, aMail, Reminder, RaidBuffReminder, addons skins (BigWigs, DXE, DBM, KLE, Omen, PallyPower, Quartz, Recount, Skada, Dominos, Coolline), Aurora.

Qulight_ConfigUI — In-game configuration.


Recount, Omen, KLE, DXE, BigWigs, Quartz, Skada, DBM, PallyPower, Coolline, Dominos are NOT included is this UI, it will simlu reskin the addon if you have it running, you need to download and update the addon on your own.


Monolit, Shestak, Hanomi, affli, Tekkub, zork, haste, Tuller, Freebaser, Haleth, drakull, Dawn, Tukz