Qulight UI v5.5.3


- ilvl when upgraded fixed
- Fixed showing tooltip in bags.
- Reagent Bar Stylized
- Added settings Reagent bar
- Experience and Reputaion bar fixed
- Fix Rewards
- Fix actionbar range attack
- Fixed Reminder
- Styling Buttons LFGPVE and LFGPVP
- Game Menu Buttons stylized
- Changed RaidBuffReminder
- Priest ShadowORBs Fixed
- Fixed some cooldowns on actionbar
- Fixed VoidStorage Style
- Fixed MailButtons
- Armory Link Fixed
- Some Fixes in BarShift
- Fixed Encounter Tabs

ru changelog

Qulight UI v5.4.11





Qulight UI v5.4.10

- переписаны Сумки

- рестилизация QulightUI_Config

- рестилизация Addon Manager

- поправлен скин ДБМа и БигВигса

- фиксы в Guild и Friend info text


EU ChangeLog

v5.4.9 video

Qulight UI v5.4.9

for 5.4.7

Qulight UI v5.4.8

- add more raiddebuffs for raidframes;

- manu fix in aurora;

- dmb_skin fixed;

- update spells in RaidCooldowns;

- code clean;


Изменения по русски

oUF_Qulight v2.4


5.4.7 video

New Site

Welcome to the new site Qulight UI.  I hope you like this.

Qulight UI v5.4.7

- ItemLVL function on toolips fixed;
- Guild tab on FriendFrame added;
- Profession tabs added;
- PVE PVP LFR frame tabs added.